At Revive Kids our purpose is to partner with the family to help children learn and grow in the knowledge and love of Christ.  Our goal for each weekend service is to provide an interactive environment of worship that is safe and encourages learning as well as relationships.

Each week Revive Kids will be captivated in learning about God, his word, his people, and his salvation.  The children will have a worship time as well as the opportunity to build relationships in their small groups.

Our children meet every Sunday during the adult service in classrooms assigned by age.  Parents are encouraged to drop the children off prior to entering the adult service so that each child has the ability to partake in their own service; this also enables parents to fully take part in the adult service.

All of our teachers and volunteers are passionate about impressing truth on this generation.  Each volunteer is required to complete a background check to ensure your child’s safety. We look forward to partnering with your family to lead a generation.