Date for 2014 is set for April 12th…info to come soon

Garage Sale for Orphans Backstory:

In Nov, 2007, our founder, Chris Marlow traveled to South Africa and Zimbabwe. While on that trip, he experienced the issues of extreme poverty and the global orphan crisis for the first time. Heart-broken and frustrated, Chris made a commitment to make a difference. After much thought, research and study, H.E.L.P. was launched in 2009.

Through the Garage Sale For Orphans initiative you can play a huge part in ending extreme poverty.

The Strategy: SELL. GIVE. HELP.


Sell anything that you don’t need or want, and that you are willing to sacrifice.


Donate the proceeds of the garage sale to HELP, and help rescue kids in places like Haiti, Zimbabwe and Uganda. You can even­ choose which country and project you want to donate to directly on our website.


One of the ways we can help end local poverty is to give sacrificially to key projects that will help these communities lift themselves out of poverty. You and I can make a difference!

Why Garage Sales?
We wanted to create a simple way for everyone to get involved and help orphans and communities who are struggling due to extreme poverty! Throwing a Garage Sale Party is something everyone can do. It’s also a great way to bring your community together. Kids groups, schools, churches, small groups, youth groups, businesses, families, individuals…the list goes on! We can all come together, work hard, and sell stuff, and it will all help rescue abandoned orphans.

Yes!!! We think it’s not just a “garage sale” where you can get rid of junk. I mean, most garage sales are BORING! We want it to be a party!!! We want you to let your neighbors and communities know that you’re making a difference in the world. So, get your community involved, have fun, work hard, and know that you and your community are making a difference!

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